The Appia Antica is one of the favorite place for an event in Rome. Villa Trebazia is the ideal location for your wedding or for the organization of baptisms, communions, birthdays or business dinners.

The Appia Antica park is an eternal place, rich in history and beautiful villas for weddings and private events. Immersed in parks and archaeological finds, Villa Trebazia is a dream location in Rome like the Appia Antica and wants to immerse itself in its timeless atmosphere to celebrate its wedding and to organize its event.

The wide open spaces produce romantic and original receptions; the floral parties are large and long between the Appia Antica villas, as well as the dancing parties until late at night.



Villa Trebazia is the ideal location for your wedding in Rome. It is tinged with white to accommodate the spouses and their guests inside a romantic and refined atmosphere. White is the color of purity and candor. The bride who dreams of a marriage of the past will choose mise en place and decorations in shades of white and pastel colors.

In our gardens can be set up elegant gazebos, which take care of setting up a wedding banquet both day and night, away from the sun and rain. To date, the types of covers are varied and decidedly beautiful.



Blue is the color of the sky and the sea: it symbolizes idealism and loyalty. We liked our sales for private events that we have in Blue as the predominant color, to dare a touch of freshness when the temperature during the event gets hot.

Allestimento Evento


Red is a primordial color, associated with fire and light. Red is the color of the god Mars, symbol of war and courage and strength. Do you want to organize a glam event along the Appia Antica? We will set the room in tones ranging from pink to red, leaving your guests speechless: you will feel like you’re having a party in Manhattan.



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